Bank Account Opening Assistance In Dubai, UAE

Bank Opening Account in Dubai.

When you plan to start a business setup in Dubai, you will need to open a corporate bank account for your business use. Business people also want to open a new bank account when they are setting up a business because it can help them to manage their monetary assets, and they can manage their financial dealings in an orderly manner.
Opening up a bank account for a non-resident or a foreign investor is not a difficult process. If you are a foreign business owner, you can easily open up a bank account in Dubai with the help of MW Mideast. Yes, our bank assistance services in Dubai keep you away from any difficulty and stress.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it allowed for a non-resident of UAE to open a personal bank account in Dubai?

It is not allowed for a non-resident to open up a bank account in any local bank in Dubai. However, If permission is granted, the facilities offered by that bank will be very limited. Mostly, they only provide internet banking facilities for online payments and transactions. Also, some banks do not issue credit cards, debit cards, or cheque book to a non-resident of the UAE.

2. How Much Time Is Required During The Process Of Bank Account Opening?

There is no specific period for this process of opening a bank account in Dubai. It varies with every bank according to their terms and policies but usually, it takes about 2 to 4 weeks o open a bank account in any local bank for a mainland or free zone company in the UAE.

3. How Much Amount Should Be Maintained In The Bank Account?

A certain amount must be present in the bank accounts. Normally, you must have 50k to 500k maintained in your bank account. But, its limit is different for every bank according to their policies. It is up to you to maintain the balance. If you do not do so, it disturbs your relationship with the bank.

4. Can I Open A Bank Account Online In Dubai?

No, you can’t open a bank account online. It is a compulsion to be physically present at the time of bank opening because you have to sign all the legal documents that are then attached with the application form. Also, your identity recognition is a must for the approval of your bank account opening.

The Procedure Of Opening A Corporate Bank Account Dubai

Company formation in Dubai Mainland gives the advantage of selecting a prominent location for your business from a wide range of locations. The biggest benefit of setting up a business in Dubai Mainland is that the company is not restricted to any geographical boundaries.
1. Application Form

Fill out the application form for bank account opening. It is different for every bank. Fill out the form with proper details and also give additional details such as business owners' details, invoices.

2. Attachment Of Documents

Attach the above-mentioned documents with the application form. Every document must be original and not even one of them should be missing.

3. Approval From The Bank:

After this, the bank checks and reviews your application and documents. Based on this, the bank officials either approve or disapprove your application for bank account opening.

4. Collection Of Detailed Information:

In case of approval of your application, now the bank will take further steps to gather your detailed information about your business or company and all the directors, shareholders, or any local business sponsor.

5. Interview Call

After collecting the information in detail, now you will receive a call from the bank for an interview date and time. After the interview, now your process of bank account opening starts and your corporate bank account gets opened in the UAE.

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