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Business License Registration Services in UAE

While starting a new business setup in UAE, foreign investors should select their domain of business. After that, it is necessary to obtain a business license in Dubai to establish your business and make it successful. This license is issued by the Department of Economic Development (DED).
To get the approval of a business license, you completely need to arrange all your documents. With professional assistance, it is a complex process. But, don’t worry. MW Mideast is always ready to help you out in getting a business license. So, come to us and get your business license quickly and without any hassle.
Documentation Clearance

Legal documentation regarding business license

Company Setup

Choose a company setup for a suitable business license

Local Sponsorship

Have a business sponsor for approval of the license

DED Registration

Company Registration in Dubai by Department of Economic Development

Dubai Commercial License

Commercial license for trading services

Commercial Trade license

Commercial activities under this license

Benefits of Getting a Dubai Business License

Simple Process

As long as you have all your documentation completed, the procedure of getting a business license is very easy.

Fewer Business Restrictions

Dubai has the lowest number of restrictions for business purposes. But, if you have all registered products with a business license, restrictions are no problem at all

Tax Advantages

Dubai doesn’t impose any kind of corporate tax on foreign investors. UAE is tax-free unlike other countries of the world.

What is the Process of Business Setup in Dubai?

Choose Your Business Activity

The first step is to consider the business activities that you are going to do further. You can only choose 10 activities and not more than that.

Registration Process

The next step is to proceed toward the registration process, which is finalized by the Department of Economic Development (DED).


When the registration process is completed, you have to pay the dues, and you will get your business license issued in UAE.

What is the Suitable Location for Business Setup in Mainland Dubai?

Dubai is the hub of all business activities. Company formation in Mainland Dubai gives you the advantage that you can select a suitable and prominent location from a wide range of business locations.
Freedom to Choose Your Suitable Location

You are free to choose your business location from a wide range of locations in Dubai.

Company Formation in UAE Provides You Exemption from Taxes

When you create a company setup in UAE, it is free from all sorts of taxes.

Have an Access to Clients From all Over the World

UAE business setup is widely known for its ideal infrastructure. Thus, you can have the access to multiple numbers of clients from the whole world.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Time is Required for the Approval of Your Business License Dubai?

If you have all your documents completed, the whole process will take only three to four days to get your business license approved. It is not a time taking process unless you have sorted all your documents.

2. What is the Process of Renewal of a Business License?

For getting the renewal of your business license, you need to have written approval for the purpose. After that, you should have completed all the documentation in this regard. This way, you can get the renewal of your license very easily.

3. Can You Have a Virtual Office For Business in Dubai?

No, one must have a proper office location in Dubai when starting a business. For the approval of the industrial license, it is a compulsion to have an office space in UAE. Companies with virtual offices will not be eligible for the approval of a business license.

4. Which Department Has The Authority to Issue a Business License in Dubai, UAE?

The Department of Economic Development (DED) is responsible for the approval and issuance of business license in Dubai, UAE. It offers the services of licensing from different parts of the country. There is no need to travel to a specific place for getting your business license approved and issued. You can be anywhere in the country, and you can easily apply for a business license.

5. What is The Validity Period of a Business License?

A business license is usually valid for almost one year. After the validity period is over, you can get a renewal of your license within some days. You need to have the proper and complete documents required for its renewal.

6. Is There Only One Type of Business License Dubai, UAE?

No, there are mainly three types of business licenses in Dubai. A commercial license is mainly issued for trading activities. An industrial license is issued for the activities involving industries and the procedure of raw material transformation into the final product. A professional license is issued based on the skills and prominent qualities of the company or business.

7. How Much Cost Will Come While Getting a Business License in Dubai?

The dues of issuance of business license mainly depend upon the type of your company, and it also depends upon other included charges. MW Mideast gives you thorough details of all the charges and also provides you with an affordable package for getting a UAE business license.


Usually, a business license in Dubai has a cost of about 20,000 to 50,000 AED. The cost of a business license varies in the mainland, free zone, and offshore companies. You need to estimate all the expenses in this regard, and you should have a rough idea of the dues and total cost for this process so that you don’t face any difficulty in the future.

Popular Types of Business Licenses in Dubai

There are three main types of business or trade licenses that are issued for company formation in UAE:

Commercial Trade License in Dubai

The investors who want to start trading services in Dubai must possess a commercial license. Trading services include import and export goods mainly and many other business entities.

Business Activities Included in This Category:

Those businesses that are a part of this category are:

  • Real state
  • Retail services
  • Commercial activities
  • Buying and selling of electronic items
  • Import and export goods
  • Construction products

Organizations Included in This Category:

The most known and common organizations that fall in the category of a commercial license are LLCs that further stand for Legal Liability Companies. This license is used for companies that are in the free zone or in offshore.

Industrial Trade License in Dubai

This license is given to the industries that transform raw materials into final products. The companies having industrial licenses do the activity of changing semi-formed raw material into its final form.

Business Activities Included In Industrial License Category:

The most common businesses included in industrial trade license are:

  • Production of the goods
  • Separation of those goods
  • Combining all the items
  • Packaging of the final products

Ways to Own an Industrial License in UAE:

Those who own some business are eligible for the industrial license in Dubai, UAE. Your industrial license will be approved only if you fulfill the following requirements:

  • You have a service agent.
  • Your company must have at least 10 members or workers.
  • You must have office space in Dubai.

Professional Trade License in Dubai

A professional license is given to the company or business based on its prominent qualities and skills. A compulsion for this type of license is that you should have a service agent. Without having a local agent in Dubai, you are not eligible to get a professional license approved and issued for your business in UAE. Professional license owners enjoy 100% foreign ownership. Most business activities linked with a professional license are from service domains.

Eligibility for Professional License:

You are eligible to own a professional license only when:

  • You must have a local service agent with 51% of the shares in a business.
  • You must have a physical job office; companies with virtual offices can’t own professional licenses.
  • You should make a Memorandum of Association with the service agent.

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