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UAE Offshore

An offshore company is generally a legal business entity that operates outside the areas of its ownership. Hence, the UAE offshore is one of the offshore business centers in UAE, where no physical presence is necessary. But, this form of company formation is not permitted to start up a business in any of the areas of UAE. It is only allowed to conduct business activities outside UAE.
An Offshore company setup is suitable for those foreign investors who are planning to work with Middle Eastern, African, and Asian markets without any sort of tax liability imposed on the business. UAE Offshore companies are “paper” companies and are mainly used by foreign investors and business owners to trade with the Middle East, Asia, and Africa.
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Why Choose MW Mideast?

UAE Company formation is not an easy task but a complex one. You need to have an experienced consultant to help and guide you regarding all the problems related to the formation of an Offshore company in the UAE. As a foreign investor, one can grasp Dubai’s ideal location and economy for all your businesses and company formation.

MW Mideast provides start-to-end services for offshore corporation setup in Dubai. We will provide you with all the assistance regarding finding:

  • Best sponsor
  • Opening your desired bank account
  • Process of liquidation
  • Registration in a highly expert manner

Contact us for all of your problems regarding starting a business in Dubai.

Setting Up an Offshore Business in UAE With MW Mideast

Forming a UAE Offshore company is a significant and most efficient way to help your business grow and flourish in Dubai’s most strategic location and its most efficient environment for all kinds of businesses.

By getting in touch with MW Mideast’s professionals, you can understand some sorts of rules by being in your comfort zone and growing in a tax-exempted business atmosphere. Offshore Businesses in UAE give you 100% foreign ownership and these are the basics for the safety and protection of your assets.

Main Types of UAE Offshore Companies

The three main types of UAE Offshore companies are:
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Dubai Offshore Company

Dubai offshore companies are also known as Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority (JAFZA). Establishing a Dubai offshore company is generally an expensive process because it demands the legal documents of the directors and shareholders. These companies require:

  • At least one shareholder with no capital requirement
  • 2 Directors
  • 1 company secretary

Dubai offshore companies have certain restrictions on business activities and they can’t do business activities in the fields of:

  • Media
  • Gambling
  • Consulting
  • Professional services
  • Banking
  • Intellectual property
  • Military
  • Publishing
  • Real estate

Property development and many more

Ajman Offshore Company

Ajman offshore companies are now renamed as “International business companies,” and they are regulated by Ajman Free Zone Authority. Some attributes of an Ajman offshore company are:

  • Formation process Id of 2 weeks with only 1 director and 1 shareholder
  • 100% foreign-owned
  • The company doesn’t need to submit financial statements
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RAK Offshore Company

These companies are registered with RAK Investment Authority. RAK is cheaper than Dubai’s offshore company. It has no restriction on business activities in Dubai being an offshore Company. RAK offshore company can be:

  • 100% foreign-owned
  • Registered for a duration of 2 weeks
  • It has 1 director and 1 shareholder
  • No compulsion to provide the actual and legal documents of the director and shareholder

Basic Requirements For The Process of Offshore Company Setup in Dubai

Selection of Company Name

Whatever name you select for a UAE offshore company, it should end with the words “Limited or Ltd” to show your company’s legal and actual position referred to as a UAE offshore company.

Local Service Sponsor

A service agent needs to be registered under the higher authorities of UAE Offshore like JAFZA, and Ajman company. You need a service agent to fulfill the UAE offshore company requirements. When forming JAFZA you need the registration of the company as one agent.

Minimum Capital Required

There is no certain amount of share capital needed to set up an offshore company in the UAE. Also, UAE offshore head departments will not demand to check a fixed amount of share capital to be in your bank for the process of forming your UAE offshore company.

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Legal Documents Needed For a Offshore Company Set Up

Following are some legal documents required by All Shareholders And Directors to start an Offshore company registration in UAE:

  • Application in the requisite format
  • Certified Passport Copy (by Lawyer/Accountant)
  • Address proof
  • Professional Reference Letter
  • Curriculum Vitae indicating the owner’s professional data

Additional Aspects To Consider For a Offshore Company Setup in Dubai

The registration process of an offshore company in the UAE requires some more aspects which will ensure that your offshore company in Dubai can perform full-fledged business activities. Some of those additional aspects are:

  • Physical office is not allowed for Offshore companies in the UAE.
  • There’s no annual governmental audit.
  • These companies can hold shares in other companies as well.
  • Offshore companies cannot carry out business activities in the banking and real estate sector.
  • UAE resident visa is not permitted.
  • UAE offshore can have a non-UAE resident as a director.
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Why Set Up a Offshore Company in UAE?

The main reasons for starting an Offshore business setup are:

  • It provides a platform for international market expansion.
  • It gives better access to global funding.
  • There is no corporate tax in UAE and that is the reason UAE Offshore companies are providing a gateway to trade with international customers.
  • UAE offshore companies can open a bank account even outside UAE.
  • The registration process takes only 15 days.
  • 100% foreign-owned.
  • The process of registration of UAE offshore doesn’t require the directors to travel to UAE.
  • The documentation process of UAE is in two languages, hence making the process of bank account opening easier.

Major Merits Of Offshore Corporation Setup in UAE

The 5 major merits of a UAE offshore company formation are:

Business Confidentiality

UAE offshore companies can provide you with confidentiality with very little amount of liability. You don’t need to show the financial information of your company or the details of its ownership in some of the public sector.
Your private data is never shown to any third party as long as the Offshore company is found to be involved in any criminal activities.

Simple And Easy Procedures

The whole procedure of forming an offshore company is very simple and takes a time of about 2 weeks to start.
While having the exclusion of taxes, there is also an exemption of yearly auditing for an offshore company in the UAE. These ways of forming a business in the UAE are the most convenient of all businesses in the world.

Lead To Improved International Funding

The present economic structure in UAE is well established and it will be a source of growth for your business. The economy of this country is coming out from the setback that it experienced in the times of the COVID-19 pandemic. There is a possibility that it will grow up by a constant rate of 2.5% in 2022.
The UAE offshore companies are well-positioned globally. Its great reputation would build a positive impact on how any foreign investor will look at your business.

Tax Benefits

While starting the UAE offshore company, you will get an exclusion from the payment of many kinds of taxes as:
• Personal tax
• Sales tax
• Income tax
• Inheritance tax
• Intellectual property tax
• Corporate tax
Moreover, you need to refrain from the process of “Double Taxation”. When you do business activities outside UAE, there is no need for payment of the same type of tax to some other country for the second time.

International Market Expansion

If you are planning to start an offshore company in the UAE, it could give you an effective gateway to expand your international business. It can open many doors for new international deals, businesses, and collaborations.
Also, you can use a single UAE bank account to carry out all of your transactions in different currencies. This will save your transactional costs and will be helpful for you in checking the foreign exchange rates. You can own Dubai offshore company on paper without having an expensive physical base in Dubai.

Benefits of your Business Setup in Dubai Offshore

Some advantages of having a Business Setup in Offshore and how it operates are as under:
  • Ownership Of Business:

The most significant advantage of setting up an Offshore company is that you can retain 100% ownership of your business without any local service agent.

  • Financial Benefits:

Some other financial benefits of an Offshore Company Formation are that it has a 0% corporate tax rate and 0% income tax rate. Also, there is no duty charged on imports and exports, and one can repatriate 100% capital and profit.

  • Business License:

An Offshore company formation in UAE firstly requires the approval of a trading license. The license can be of three types:

Commercial License: This license covers all types of trading activities.

Industrial License: It covers all the manufacturing businesses and the companies that involve in the process of transforming raw materials or semi-formed materials into final products. It also involves the processing of goods, packaging of items, and in the end preparing them for sale.

Professional License: This type of license is given based on the skills and expertise of either an individual or a company, and it covers the range of professional services, management opinions and ideas, and public relations.

  • Sector-Specific:

A very important factor that can provide great and strategic opportunities to Offshore companies is that the UAE Offshore companies are sector-specific. It provides foreign investors and business owners to share and access the best knowledge and expertise from other companies in the same field.

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Legal Documents Needed For a Offshore Company Setup

Following are some legal documents required by All Shareholders And Directors to start an Offshore company registration in UAE:

  • Application in the requisite format
  • Certified Passport Copy (by Lawyer/Accountant)
  • Address proof
  • Professional Reference Letter
  • Curriculum Vitae indicating the owner’s professional data

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Duration For Completing an Offshore Company Registration in UAE?

The process of forming an offshore company is very simple and easy. It takes about 15 days to complete all the registration formalities that are mandatory for the process of setting up an offshore company in the UAE.

Can the Bank Account be Opened Outside UAE For an Offshore Company Formation?

It is not necessary to have a bank account in UAE. You can have it anywhere around the globe, but opening a bank account in UAE will be beneficial for your business.

Can an Offshore Company Rent Office Space in UAE?

No, an offshore company is not permitted to buy, rent, or lease office space in UAE. But, the company must have a registered address to receive all the official mails and for other business-related activities.

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