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Moving your office to a new place is very similar to moving your house from one place to another. Whether your company is established on a small scale or a larger one, moving the entire office from one place to another is a very difficult process. You have big huge furniture, machinery, difficult to pack electronics, and several rooms that have many things to get packed. You can’t shut your office a week before you are planning to relocate. Hence, there is not a lot of time to get these things done and move from one place to the other.

Shifting your office space can turn your business upside down for once, but it is up to you to take it back to the level it was before the relocation. Relocation involves many problems, such as misplaced files, lost sales, damaged equipment, etc. These processes included in the relocation of a business can be very tough tasks. However, the best thing is to appoint one person who can check all the employees in this regard and direct them on what to do to make this process easy. But, if you have a company on a larger scale, appointing one person for this process will itself create many problems.

Well, don’t fret! MW Mideast is there to assist you in all your office relocation processes and make the process easier for you. Along with the office relocation services in Dubai, our consultants and experts provide you with highly professional advice for all of your problems.

Things to Consider During Office Relocation in Dubai

You must create a budget when moving your office from one place to another because doing shifting on this large scale can prove to be very expensive.

Set your timeline when planning to move the office. It means that you have only one day to move your office which involves very difficult processes.

Draft a written inventory of your office and create a plan that how you are going to move everything in stages and not all together.

Communicate with the customers of your new location so that when you shift to the new location, you don’t have to face any sort of financial loss.

After shifting from the old office, walk through it again and see if there is any loss that you need to get fixed or pay for.

Tips to Make the UAE Office Relocation Process Easy for You

Relocation of your office from one place to another can be a tedious task, and there is a need to follow certain tips in this regard:

  • Start planning earlier to avoid any hurdles in the future.
  • Appoint a move manager who can guide the employees and review all the processes related to shifting.
  • Tell everyone to do the task of packing their desk.
  • Talk to the IT department to keep all the technology ready.
  • Consider all the building rules in which you are relocating your office.
  • Do complete research to find the best moving company.
  • Try to move some non-essentials by yourself before the day of the relocation.
  • Make sure that the space is the same or even bigger so that everything will fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Long Does it Take to Move Your Office to a New Place?

It usually takes about 12 months minimum to plan your office relocation from one place to the other. Moving an office is not at all an easy task so have to plan for it long before you start the process of shifting. When all the planning and processes are completed, shifting takes place in 2 to 3 days maximum.

2. What are Some Problems Faced During Office Relocation in Dubai?

Office relocation is itself a very big problem, but proper management can lead to quick and trouble-free shifting from one office to the other. Problems can occur if you don’t measure the size of your old office and the new one. If the new location is small, things might not get fixed. You have to maintain a proper and reliable moving team so that none of your furniture or machinery gets damaged during this process.

3. Will Relocating Office Affect The Business?

Change in the workplace can create new working processes and opportunities. You should check before moving what is the communication level at the new place like how many people and businesses you can communicate with there. You can work with another business team there, so it will increase the chances of your business growth. But, on the other hand, if you will not consider these points, then you will have to face a heavy loss in your business and financial position.

4. What Things Do You Need To Check In The New Office And Location?

Before moving to a new place, you need to check whether the location is good from the business point of view or not. There is other business entities present there so that you can communicate with them and make your business grow at a faster pace. You need to check all the requirements so that you don’t suffer any financial crisis or loss in your business and it might damage the reputation of your business.

Key Steps Involved in Office Relocation

Being one of the trustworthy Office Movers in Dubai, we follow the following key steps to relocate your office:


Once you have planned to relocate your office, you have to take the first steps carefully. You should start planning the office relocation for about 10-12 months before initiating the actual process. This step involves:

  • Check your commercial property lease.
  • When searching for a new place, you must check the business stability, sustainability, and growth needs of the new place.
  • Make a team that can delegate tasks and also asks the employees to work properly.
  • Set your moving budget so that you might now face any financial loss in the future.
  • Talk to your IT department and check that which technology is needed for this process.
  • Measure the new office space and check how you are going to manage things there.
Dubai 2
Dubai 2


Once you planned everything as discussed earlier, now you have to discuss it with internal and external teams and inform them about the relocation of your office space. The important steps involved in this are:

  • Notify your current property owner about your relocation and give official notice.
  • Also, notify your team members about the shifting date and time so that everything remains managed.
  • Make a list of the companies that you need to inform about your office relocation.
  • Decide a day and time with the owner of a new company where you are going to move your office setup.
  • Notify all the local partners about your office relocation and especially those business entities that will be affected by the change of your address.
  • Tell all the team members about their responsibilities and make sure they work properly on the day of moving your office.
  • Send notice of change of address to the following entities:
    • Service providers and suppliers
    • Foodservice providers
    • Banks and financial institutions
    • Telephone company
    • Any accounts department
    • Internet facility providers
    • Stationary service providers


Now, you have to prepare all the logistics that how you are moving your office space from one place to another. This involves the following steps:

  • Make an inventory of existing office furniture.
  • Arrange any external shortage facilities if needed.
  • Assign a number to every employee and give this number to their desk and all equipment in their use.
  • Sign official paperwork, licenses, and permits.
  • Arrange cleaning staff for your current offices and new location.
Dubai 2 300x300
Dubai 2 300x300

Making The Move

Take steps to ensure that everything goes perfectly on the right day of relocation of your office from one place to another.

Settling In

When the relocation is over, now tie up all the loose ends and get back your business to normal.

How Do MW Mideast’s Office Relocation Services Dubai Help You?

We assist you in this huge process of shifting your office from one place to another by providing you with detailed guidance in every step from the day first so that you can save your time, and money and avoid any sort of financial loss in this procedure. Providing you with office shifting services, we follow five steps:
We Listen

Tell us about all your plans for the relocation so that we can carry forward this process according to your own choice.

We Guide

Our experienced team of experts and high professionals will guide you about this complete procedure and all your needs for this.

We Recommend

We recommend you the best office relocation service package to meet all your needs and also save your cost at the same time.

We Manage

We manage the whole of your relocation process so that you can enjoy hassle-free and easy shifting from one place to the other.

We Support

Our dedicated team will help you handle all the procedures of your shifting from the old office to the new location.

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