Mainland Company Registration Dubai-A Dream Business To Start

Mainland Company Registration in Dubai

UAE mainland is among the top choices of foreign investors and business owners. It offers you a complete sense of freedom to start your new business or set up your company anywhere in Dubai or any other emirate in UAE.
A mainland company is a company that is directly licensed by the Department of Economic Development of the respective Emirate of UAE in which you are working. Hence, if you are interested in establishing your Mainland business in Dubai, MW Mideast can make it easy for you.
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Dubai Commercial License

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Commercial Trade license

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The Procedure of Mainland Company Set Up in Dubai

Some steps that must be followed when you setting up a UAE Mainland company are:
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Select Best Suitable Location

There are thousands of business activities listed by the Department of Economic Development of UAE. The first thing you need to decide when you are planning to start a Mainland BusinessSetupin Dubai, UAE is that you have to select the industry in which you will trade from among the huge list of industries. Some of these include:

  • Agriculture
  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing
  • Trade
  • Real state
  • Import and export
  • Construction material industry

Unlike other business setup companies that allow you to work in a restricted or selective location, Mainland Company in UAE allows you to have the access to work anywhere in the whole of UAE. Also, mainland businesses are free to trade in any of the listed companies by the Department of Economic Development in UAE.

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Selection of Your Business

After you have selected your business activity in which you are willing to work, next is the step of selecting an ideal location for your office. Dubai mainland companies have no restriction of a specific or selective area. You can operate your office anywhere in UAE.

The ideal and correct location depends on factors, such as budgeting and your selected business activity. One more benefit of setting up a business in Dubai is the facility and ease of setting up branch offices. This means that your business is not restricted to one place and can expand and grow further in many locations and in this way it can make up a large local presence with passing time.

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Determine Legal Structure of Your Business

There are many types of businesses in the UAE that can be started by the new foreign investors in the UAE mainland. The most popular and common business structure is a Limited Liability Company (LLC).

  • What Is LLC?

An LLC is an independent legal entity that is owned by two or more shareholders. A business company with a license of commercial or industrial nature must form an LLC to startup a company in the UAE mainland. It will further need a local agent.

Selection of Name For Your Company

Then, you will have to select a company name for your business that will convey your professional values to people. Only full personal names can be selected as your company name. Names must be written in a way they are sounded out or pronounced rather than in translated form.

Apply For Your Mainland Trade License in Dubai

Then is the step of applying for a trade license for your company. You have to complete all the steps of documentation and paperwork. You also have to tell the ownership percentage among all partners and shareholder visas.

Security Of Location For Your Office

As long as you have a trading license now you have to secure a location for your company office. The offices in the UAE mainland are usually owned by a third party that facilitates you and provides you with everything that is needed to move in immediately.

Apply For Visas

The next step is to apply for your Visas. The number of visas you have applied for should match the amount of office space you need.

Appoint A Local Service Agent

Foreign investors can only a Dubai Mainland Company Registration by making a partnership with either a local service agent. If your business or company owns a commercial or industrial license as an LLC, a local service agent is must needed.
Your local service agent can either be a UAE national or a UAE-based company. In both cases, the local service agent must own 51% of the business to form a UAE mainland.

Partnership With Company Formation Consultant

While setting up a mainland company in the UAE, is needed to have a deep understanding of the legal and company formation procedure. Developing a partnership with a UAE-based consultant helps to reduce the stress of MainlandCompanySetup Dubai to its minimum for new foreign investors.
A business consultant can deal in the best way with you and completely understand your business goals and ideas. It will help you feel secure in setting up a new and successful business in the UAE mainland

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MW Mideast Services For Mainland Company Dubai Formation

By following all the steps mentioned above, you can easily set up a UAE mainland company with less risk of any hurdle or problem during the whole procedure. Starting up your business with the help of MW Mideast can reduce the complexity of the process and can be very time-saving. It is very important to have the right advice from the right source when you plan a Mainland Company Set Up in Dubai.

MW Mideast will help you with all your legal issues in this regard and the following ones:

  • Dubai LLC company setup and sole establishment
  • Trade license issuance from the Department of Economic Development
  • In the selection of a reliable local service agent
  • Immigration and establishment of card processing
  • License Renewal in Dubai
  • Help and complete guidance in bank account opening in Dubai for commercial use

Dubai Mainland Company Formation

When you setup a mainland company in Dubai, it allows you to extend your business to other parts of Dubai or anywhere across UAE. All you need is to apply for the license and own it in any of the categories of license.
There are three categories of license when you start up your company in Dubai:
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Commercial License For UAE Mainland

Those foreign investors who want to start trading activities in Dubai must own a license. The commercial license can be used for mainland company formation as well as for free zone and offshore company formation in Dubai, too.

Categories For Commercial License:

While setting up a company in UAE, you have to keep in mind that you can’t own more than 10 activities in one license. Those business ranges that fall in the category of commercial license are:

  • Electronic products
  • Real state
  • Business and selling of construction material
  • Retail stores
  • Renting services of vehicles
  • Import and export goods

Industrial License for UAE Mainland

This type of license is issued to investors who are planning to start up some manufacturing activity in UAE. The Department of Economic Development directly issues this license. To have this license, you must have your physical office in UAE, and your company must have more than 10 workers at least.

To get an industrial license, you first need to submit all of your initial documents to the Department of Economic Development.

Categories For Industrial License

Once you get the approval, you can apply for an industrial license in UAE. This whole procedure may take about 90 days. The business ranges for industrial license include:

  • Companies changing the raw material into a final product
  • Production
  • Accumulation
  • Packaging
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Professional License For UAE Mainland

The last type of license is a professional license, which has the greatest advantage of all, that it gives you 100% foreign ownership. But, the only condition that you need to fulfill to own this license is that you must have a local person as your service agent. This license is given only based on the skills and expertise of a person or company.

Steps For A Professional License

  • Firstly, you have to make a list of the business activities that you will perform in the UAE.
  • Then, you need a local person as a service agent who can handle all of this procedure.
  • The agent will directly submit your documents to the Department of Economic Development in UAE.
  • Finally, you need to select an office space and submit your documents for the final approval of your license.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Documentation is Required Mainland Company Registration In UAE?

Documentation is different and depends upon the type of business you are choosing. It will be mainly according to the ownership structure of the company you are working with. When you start the process, the sovereign will provide you with a complete list of documents that you will need for this purpose.

2. How Much Time is Needed to Start Up A UAE Mainland Company?

It is usually a procedure of about 6 to 8 weeks. There can be changes in time duration depending upon the time of approval from UAE authorities.

3. How Much is The Rate of Corporate Tax on Companies in UAE?

The UAE has a 0% rate of corporate tax on companies.

How many visas can be applied for a mainland business in Dubai?

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