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A local service agent can either be a citizen of the UAE or a UAE national. If you are planning for business formation in Dubai, you will need to appoint a business sponsor who owns 51% of the shares in the business. You, being a foreign investor who started the company, have 49% of the shares in the company or business.
While starting your business of Mainland LLCs, you must have a business service agent. The service agent can be a citizen of the UAE or either from other areas near the UAE. The local sponsor agent gets paid by the foreign companies for the services done by it. Local business sponsor provides some specific services and is therefore not allowed to interfere in all the matters of Dubai LLCs. Finding a business sponsor in Dubai can always be a tough task and requires expert consultation. Trusting anyone with your business can lead to many problems as fraud or financial loss. But, don’t worry at all! MW Mideast is here to help you have a loyal and trustworthy business service agent to sponsor your business.

Companies That Need a UAE Business Sponsor

The business activities that need a service agent for their companies are:
Trading Firms
Real Estate
Natural Gas Industries
Cargo Firms
Jewelry Firms
Advertising Firms

Importance of Finding the Best Business Sponsor Dubai

Check the market properly so that you find the right local service agent so that it connects you to the market strongly and makes your business grow.

Check out all the fears and risks in this regard so that you have to face no difficulty in the future and your business is saved from kinds of problems.

A local service agent is a representative of your business and company. The whole of your company depends upon the fact that how responsible is your business sponsor and how they lead your company.

Businesses That Require a Service Agent

Thinking of giving your business shares to someone may be a threatening thought. The local service agent helps you to grow your business. There are certain companies in the UAE that allow you to have a service agent for your business setup in Dubai. Some companies that allow you to have a service agent are:

Applying for a professional license

Applying for a professional license has a compulsion that you must have a local business sponsor for your company or business. It is the prime factor for the eligibility of having a professional license.

The branch of a foreign company

The branch of a foreign company that performs commercial trading activities needs a business sponsor for its services.

Any legal company

Any legal company working with foreign investors and even with non-foreign investors needs to have a local service agent for its business activities.

Main Responsibilities of a Business Sponsor in The UAE:

A local service agent has the shares of the company but along with this, there are other responsibilities that a service agent has to fulfill. The main responsibilities are:

When you start business formation in Dubai, the legal documents are usually in the Arabic language, and you need someone for the translation and better understanding of every document. This work can be performed by a resident of Dubai in the best way. So, a local business sponsor is needed for this problem, too.

Bank account closing
Exemption of the status of labor
Meet the higher authorities of government for your paperwork and all kinds of documents approval
Sorting out all kinds of debts

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Do Businesses Require a Business Sponsor?

A local service agent helps you in the growth of your business. Being alone and seeing all the activities related to your business is a tough job. Having a business sponsor helps you a lot to establish your business. You can open different branches of your business across the country and enjoy trading in different places.

2. For Which License, You Must Have a Local Service Agent?

You must have a local service agent if you want your professional license to get approved. Not having a local Dubai business sponsor makes you ineligible for getting a professional license issued. The local service agent must own half of the shares of your business.

3. Who Can Be a Local Sponsor in Dubai?

A local sponsor can be an individual or you can have corporate sponsorship. Also, you can have a local service agent for your business. These local business sponsors facilitate your company with their services and help your business thrive.

4. When Does a Company Feel The Need to Have a Business Sponsor in UAE?

While establishing a mainland company, you must have a local business sponsor. This need for having a local sponsor is because it helps you get your license approved, company registration UAE,  and also facilitates you in bank account opening.

Popular Types of Business Sponsors

There are mainly three types of business sponsors:

Individual Sponsor

The individual sponsor owns 51% of the shares in your business, and you enjoy 49% of the business shares.

Having an individual sponsor provides you with the following advantages:

  • The scope of your business rises when you have an individual sponsor.
  • Individual sponsorships are a less costly option and a more budget-friendly one.
  • All your formalities that are related to government officials are performed by your sponsor.

Corporate Sponsor

Sometimes, you have to check the benefits of all the sponsors and select the right one for you. During the formation of a mainland company, you may prefer a corporate sponsor in Dubai for your business.

Benefits that a corporate sponsor provides you are:

  • Due to its strict and detailed contract services, it is more preferred and beneficial than an individual sponsor.
  • Fewer doubts as compared to individual sponsors.

Local Service Agent

A local service agent is mainly needed for the sole establishment of companies and businesses. It serves the function of a bridge between the company and government departments.

The most common advantages that local service agents offer you are:

  • You can appoint a local services agent online.
  • It allows you to enjoy 100% ownership.
  • All your work and activities related to government officials are handled by a local service agent.

Why Search For a Trusted Business Sponsor
For Business Setup in Dubai, UAE?

This process of finding a local service agent for sharing your business can be very complicated. You need to find a trustworthy and reliable person for this work. For this purpose, this is easy that instead of hiring an individual sponsor, you can also reach out to a corporate sponsor. Some advantages that corporate sponsorship in UAE provides you are:

Protection of Contracts

There are many dealings when it comes to establishing a company setup in UAE. Many agreements are to be made which can itself be a very difficult process in terms of the safety of your documents. Corporate sponsorship provides an advantage in this field that it makes a detailed file of contracts for protecting all the rights of foreign investors. A sense of protection of all your rights and legal documents is the main thing when you start a business. So, a business sponsor must have this advantage. A corporate sponsor can be a bit costly, but it gives you the guarantee of safety and protection of all your legal documents.

Financially Beneficial

When you sponsor a local agent, you have to allow him to own 51% of the shares in the business. The same rule is applicable when you work under corporate sponsorship. You have to allow the corporate service agent to have 51% of the shares in your business too. But, a benefit provided in this case is that you can hold on to and preserve all your financial benefits.

Zero Interference in Your Matters

When you allow a UAE corporate sponsor to have half of the shares in your business, it means that you are providing them complete control over your business. But, there is also a thing that this control is only over the prominent matters of the company, and the sponsor can’t get involved in all the minor and daily life matters of your business including your staff, management, and other things. This is a great advantage as you remain free from all kinds of interference in your company.

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