A Comprehensive Process of Company Registrationin Dubai,UAE

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Are you going for Company Registration in Dubai, UAE? But, you don’t have any idea how to do it? Don’t worry! You have come to the right sport. Here you will learn the complete procedure of Company Setup Dubai.
This magnificent and luxurious city opens up great opportunities for you in the business sector as Dubai has been considered to be the hub of trading and business. UAE is mainly among the top priorities among foreign investors and business owners due to its ideal infrastructure, 100% ownership, tax exemption, high-class lifestyle, and ease of doing business.
Foreign Investors can select any of the company registration processes from a wide range of options. There are different types of business licenses and vast business opportunities that will match your business requirements. Mainly, there are three types of companies in the UAE:
• Mainland
• Free zone
• Offshore
Hence, the company registration process in Dubai can be challenging as it involves a great number of steps. MW Mideast can handle all your procedures and make this process very easy for you. We will help you choose an appropriate trade name for your company. Being an investor, you must select the required business activity and then get a trade license issued for it.
To obtain a business trade license, all the legal documents must be submitted to the authorities along with the fee of getting a trade license issued. MW Mideast will assist you from the start to the end of all processes and our experts will provide you with the best services for a company registration process in UAE.

How to Register a Company Setup in Dubai, UAE?

The process of getting your company registered in Dubai, UAE involves the following steps:

Selection of Business Activity:

There are many business activities listed by the Department of Economic Development of UAE. The first thing you need to select while planning to start a business in UAE is that you have to decide the industry in which you will form a company from among the huge list of industries. Some of these include:
• Trade
• Manufacturing
• Agriculture
• Real state
• Import and export
• Construction material industry

Determine The Legal Structure of Your Business:

There are many types of businesses that you can start in the UAE. After the selection of your business activity, you have to determine the business structure of that particular activity. The most common and popular business structure in the UAE is Limited Liability Company (LLC).

Appoint a Local Partner:

For setting up a business in Dubai, you have to appoint a local service agent. If your business owns a commercial or industrial license, you must need a local partner for your business or company to get registered. The local service agent can either be a UAE National or any UAE-based company. This agent owns 51% of the shares in your business.

Finalize Your Company Name:

You must get a trading name registered for your company by the Department of Economic Development. This company name will convey your professional values to the people.

Get a Trade License Registered:

Then is the step of applying for a trading license for your company. You need to complete all the documentation and paperwork for this process. You also have to tell the ownership percentage among all partners and shareholder visas. There are many types of business licenses, such as Industrial, commercial, and professional licenses.

Secure a Location for Your Office:

When you have a trading license, now you need to secure a location for your office. These offices are usually owned by a third party that facilitates you completely and provides you with everything that is needed for this process.

Apply ForVisas:

Then, you have to apply for Visas. Your number of Visas applied should match with the office space that you need.

Opening of Bank Account:

You must need to open a separate bank account for your company formation in Dubai. This bank account will help you keep your financial balance separate and also make the complex process of handling business transactions easier for you.

Make Relevant Payments:

Lastly, you need to clear all the payments and fees required for all the processes mentioned above. You should have all documentation completed. After submitting all the documents to the authorities, you have to pay the fee for this process. Clearing all the relevant payments and documents will make you eligible for opening up a company in UAE.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Business Registration in UAE:

Below are some questions that people ask regarding company registration in the UAE.
• Why is Dubai Best For Company Formation?
Dubai is located in the center of Africa, Europe, and Asia. For this reason, it becomes a prime place for trading. It has an ideal infrastructure with fully integrated with the world economy. Moreover, Dubai is among the safest places in the world.
The city attracts almost five million investors and tourists due to its outstanding environment. Due to these reasons, Dubai is considered to be a hub of all trading activities, and it is the best option to form a company or start a business in Dubai, UAE.
• What is The Bank Account Opening Procedure For Company Registration in the UAE?
For bank account opening, you need to be present in the UAE for the signing of documents and identity recognition. After that, you must have all the documents required for this process. MW Mideast experts can assist you in the opening of your corporate bank account and make this procedure hassle-free for you.
• Should The Legal Documents Needed For The Company Registration Process Be Attested?
All of your educational and corporate documents need to be attested by the UAE embassy. After this, they need to be attested by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dubai. This way, your documents will be officially accepted. Otherwise, you can’t register your company in the UAE.

Concluding Lines:

Dubai, UAE is the preferred destination for business and company formation due to its freedom to do business anywhere. The process of business setup in Dubai, UAE can be challenging but MW Mideast professionals and experts can guide you properly in this regard. Our services will assist you in selecting your appropriate business activity and selection of its structure.
We will further help you in all the procedures related to business trading license, bank account opening, and selecting a trading name for your company. It will help you expand the growth of your business because you can focus on the goals of your company, and we will do the rest of the work for you by assuring you with trust and quality of services.

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